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S8 Rebel BX 2.4 GHz RTR Limited Edition
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S8 Rebel BX 2.4 GHz RTR Limited Edition

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Preço Unitário (Unid.): €315,00

Modelo Offroad 1/8 ideal para iniciantes e equipado com um potente motor .25

Technical Features:

  • Completely built and ready-to-run Offroad car
  • Big Block LRP Z.25R Sport Pullstart engine
  • 19.5mm big bore shocks with 4-hole shock pistons and heavy-duty 3.5mm shock shafts
  • Low maintenance and efficient universal drivetrain with 3 oil-filled 4-spider differentials and extra hardened differential outdrives
  • Zero-E-Clip design
  • High-quality, super strong LRP 9 kg steering servo, ballraced metalgears and aluminium heatsink
  • Competition inspired design with focus on maximum durability and low maintenance
  • Competition fuel tank with new cap handle and exclusive fuel indicator. Sintered fuel filter included
  • Vented brake discs front and rear for maximum brake power and best brake feeling
  • Aluminium left and right steering knuckles
  • Extra strong aluminium front suspension arm brace
  • Fully adjustable race suspension
  • Easy to understand and detailed user manual including setup and beginner guide
  • Bullet Proof 4mm front and rear aluminium tuning shock towers, blue anodized
  • Funky airbrush body shell, pre-decalised
  • Extra robust, fully adjustable servosaver
  • Heavy-duty 3mm black anodized aluminium chassis. Countersunk screws on the chassis
  • Separate element proof battery and receiver box
  • Race-type LRP exhaust system
  • High-Quality LRP clutch
  • Completely built with ball bearings
  • VTEC Kamikaze racing tyres for maximum traction

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