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BLACK HORSE CORSAIR 50/62CC ARTF (Não publicado)
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BLACK HORSE CORSAIR 50/62CC ARTF (Não publicado)

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Preço Unitário (Unid.): €980,00

The world of 1/5th scale warbirds has suddenly become very affordable with the launch of the new, big, Black Horse Corsair. At 90 inch span this is a serious size model, but by careful use of laser cut, balsa and ply components, weight has been kept down to an amazing 18 1/2lbs. This low weight allows the use of affordable 50cc engines that are becoming so popular now. Fit a 62cc engine an you have real performance in the vertical.

The outline has been kept as close to scale as possible to keep the classic look 'all Corsair' as she grooves around the sky in a manner that only big models like this can. Black Horse made sure that the gull wing angle was correct as the easy option was never a consideration. 

Not only are the multi-section flaps true to the original, there are air operated, twist and turn retracts included complete with functioning oleo legs. These are items that are nearly always a major additional cost in many models of this size, not so with Black Horse, they're there as standard!! An air tank must be purchased separately and we recommend the SkyRC 300ml unit (Z-SKYRE0307) in this application.

For easy of transpotation, the individual wing sides can be easily removed.

The whole model is clothed in duarble Oracover covering, so she will retain her looks for many years to come. The use of Oracover means that damaged covering is easily and exactly matched by a visit to your local model shop.

Flying is so predictable and easy that you could even make her your first warbird. The stall is benign and she handles predictably and stabiliy at all speeds.

Go on, you know you want to!!!

Wingspan:2310mm (90.04")
Length:1750mm (68.90")
Weight:8.4kg (18.52lbs)
Servos:9 Servos (8kg min on elevator/aileron) (Required)
Radio System:6/7 Channel (Required)
IC Engine:50-62cc Petrol (Required)

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(BLACK HORSE CORSAIR 50/62CC ARTF (Não publicado))

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